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I’ve been in Seoul for the whole week, I went there for a friend’s wedding that will occur this afternoon, and we have taken the opportunity with my boyfriend to discover the city. Out of the food & drinks, the weather and how nice are Korean people with tourists, I loved watching how Korean girls dress. I must say most of them look like dolls and a lot of them dress like it, but they…

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A few DIY ideas for sunny days

A few DIY ideas for sunny days

Easy kimono jacket 5

Sorry for the lack of news over the past month, I’m a true procrastinator (leaders of tomorrow some would say ;-)) and had a lot of idea without taking the time to start or finish most of them, so let’s not talk about publishing them.

The first very sunny days in Paris have clearly brought my procrastinating skills to another level, but also inspired me a few “special summer” DIY ideas.


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Cut-out back dress


I’ve been less busy than usual at work…which gave me more time for eating cheese while watching tv (completely underrated activity), but also more time to diy, hence this sewing project : an open back navy dress, to go to work, to go out, to go for a walk, to go anywhere actually.

This is one of the most time consuming project I’ve done this year (cousin’s wedding dress is out of the…

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Dressing however you like in whatever context

Dressing however you like in whatever context


I’m clearly stating the obvious here, but anyone should dress anyway he/she wants. Ok…MAYBE not like that :


…but definitely why no like those ones (and I mean on a regular-day basis, not only to attend the latest fashion show) :   EngGirls3w ItWorks7018GucciCameraweb 3213yellowcoat4537Web70112Hair3342Web2 110213Broadway6496Web

I come from a town/social background where one can easily be tagged as “fashion victim” for wearing Ray Bans, and over-the-knee is already too short for any skirt…

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Why I don’t use patterns (and why I should)

Why I don’t use patterns (and why I should)


I don’t use patterns because… 

- I don’t have a printer / my printer doesn’t work (remember: printers come from hell)

- I don’t know how to cut straight : cutting the paper + cutting the fabric = too much error margin

-  There is too much temptation using fabric scissors instead of using paper scissors. Where are they??!!

- hey, wait, is it inches?

- or maybe it was centimeters?

- where is my…

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The endless possibilities dress

The endless possibilities dress


This project is based on a free pattern from Fine Motor Skills’ blog (one of my blogroll’s blogs), it was very simple to do and I love the result, although it’s definitely not warm enough yet to actually wear it outside of my flat.

As you can see on the pictures below, the pattern is just composed of 2 main pieces : the shorts and the 2 top straps.



The only detail I struggled with was the back,…

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Best 15 alternative websites for sewing patterns

Best 15 alternative websites for sewing patterns


Although I still do love Burdastyle (yes I do), I’ve recently discovered a whole bunch of websites that provide alternate patterns, sometimes for free.

I think it’s great that for everything in fashion people are starting to create their own designs and sharing it with everyone, it shows that creativity is democratizing, that people wake up one morning and think “well… ‘haven’t found anything I…

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